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a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> governor romney you keep try to air brush history. you were very clear that you would not provide government assistance to the u.s. auto companies, you said they could get in the private market place. that wasn't true. they would have gone through -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you are wrong. >> no, i am not wrong -- [ talking at the same time ] >> sparks fly between president obama and mitt romney during the third and final presidential debate tonight in florida. the two sparred over foreign policy, including the middle east and china. mitt romney said the president's policies are making america look weak. >> governor romney the problem is that on a whole range of issues whether it is the middle east, whether it is afghanistan, whether it is arach, whether it is now -- iraq, whether it is iran, you are all over the map. >> one of the challenges we had with iran they have looked at the administration and felt the administration was not as strong as it needed to be. they saw weakness where they expected to fin
hours to clear this up. >> president obama and mitt romney had their last debate. mitt romney criticize the president for allowing the navy-- >> the nature of our military has changed. we have aircraft carriers and 200 >> it i indicated that you fell to put an agreement due to the conflict. >> you can stay here on kron 4 and michael will be here on a recap of the debate. if you would like you can still watch the debate on our web site >> in obama is not perfect but he is warm and caring and people do get the--they can relate to a them and they can get an honest answer. he was much better. >> i lori miller rodin instearode in an stated that she was born back-and-forth to do to the game. >> and watching the weather as we have the snow in the sierra. check out this video at this winter wonderland. this is a week before halloween. they are covered into about a foot of snow. they are expected to linger into friday and there is a another storm expected for the weekend. firefighters are stating that they saw a tornado . there were several tornado warnings in the afternoon and one de
. there pole has been going back and forth. with a peak of obama in the month of september and now, mitt romney. and i have been in business for 25 years. >> now, the consisten nicole pol is that president obama only does 1/2 of 1% of the popular vote. fortunately, for the president the popular vote does not decide the election it is the electoral college. here, there is a definite but shaky lead. he is ahead in most industrial states and also in mexico and other states including the wisconsin, ohio. if they stay in his column he will have to 770 electoral votes. just seven from the minimum for reelection. he will have-270 electoral votes. however, mitt romney is forced to have won 93. prime states are also virginia, north carolina, florida. mitt romney is poised to have one o93193 electoral votes. what are these candid this mitt romney looking at 193 electoral votes. >> and mitt romney is going to be attacking and it could be perceived as weak and out of control. he has to avoid that big gap and some people think that he is starting to portray himself as an unpleasant persona. >> this foreign-
. >> know i am not from. >> sparks fly between president obama blanch founder mitt romney in the third and final presidential debate in florida. spar 16 pre can mitt romney 1 and nearly six of 10 of the viewers said the president did a better job than they expected piffle while 44 percent set romney had a better than expected performance. >> also a large genentech. women responding more favorably to the president's performance and in a given as to mitt romney. >> we ask for your feedback on our kron 4 facebook page. >> i heard nothing from the can is that impressed me. facebook user yes-sir says president obama took charge of you to conjoin the conversation and the comment. >> thanks a lot. in national news and wisconsin man who shot and killed three people including his estranged wife and milwaukee's bob bought the gun he used two days after being ordered to turn in all of his fire arms as part of a restraining order to protect his estranged wife. the shooter was supposed to turn in his --he is appealing a ruling that he has to appear clean shaven like this in court. a military court
. >> on to a decision 2012. mr. romney and president obama will be meeting tonight for the last of their three debates. there are troops still in afghanistan and they're concerned about out ruiran getting new killer weapnuclear . >> and why do we feel that we have to--we will have to go country by country to see how the obama administration has have helped. >> president obama will remind voters that he did order rate for--he will mention that he did enter for the troops to leave. >> in [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. h
2012 barack obamas and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail night's third and final debate. both are teaming up with their running mates as the campaign heads into the final two weeks. >> (cheers & applause) it was the battle inboca and both candidates came out swinging. >> your strategy previously has been one that has evolved over the map and is not designed to keep america face for to build on the opportunities that exist in the middle east. >> we're talking about the middle east and how to help the middle east reject terrorism. attacking me is not an agenda. attacking me is not talking about we will deal with challenges that does exist in the middle east. >> now they'r63j wives will also be visible. >> the show obama will drop support for her husband. >> cnn says president obama one president's debate last night. the network did not say how many were servers and paul. >> cbs news says that pull of undecided voters says the president won by 23 percent margin over his counterpart. cbs said the margin of error in its poll about plus or minus four percentage point. the time is 4:
.m. this afternoon. >> mitt romney and president obama will meet tonight for the last of their three debates. >> they are concerned about i rairan--mitt romney is stating that president obama is weak on affairs. >> we cannot figure out what went wrong in a country that we had helped liberate. i can even go country by country and see that the obama policy--teachin >> president obama will tell voters how he ordered the raid and how he has started to pour troops from afghanistan. >> yo debate tonight on comcast channel 193 or on our digital channel 4.2. as we take a live look outside we are waiting with anticipation about what apple will be announcing. will tell you what we expect them to be talking about. there are wen >> the dow tumbled 205 points on friday. general electric and make donald's-mcdonald's. they just reported that--now they're only of 17 and caterpillar is down 12%. this would should bring some new insight on the help of the economy. will have more on the markets with rob black. >> and rumor has it that several products may be revealed from apple. the ceo stated that this is wha
romney on a war when campaign of swing states. this is him in ohio yesterday. the romney campaign will not comment on their exact advertising strategy. richard nixon was the last republican to carry that state in 1962. >> the $2 billion market funding the eye-popping figure puts the election on track to be the most costly race in u.s. history. it comes amid a campaign finance altered by super pak spirit from raising reports show president obama and republican mitt romney have brought in $1.7 billion for their campaign so far as to death nearly 300 million in donations. millions more death nearly 300 million in donations. millions more o e when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. as we have been reporting giants fans have been celebrating last night's victory of the bay area and above the bay area. we have some video showing a ce
and the challenger, mitt romney on the attack. tonight dan kerman had something what they said and a separate fact from the election. >> this third debate was combat as ever but where were the on the facts? >> running on and let you are recognizing that al qaeda was a threat. because when you thought the biggest threat was russia. >> in fact he mentioned that they were a foe.. >> our navy is smaller since 1917. >> there are more active ships now than during the low point under president george w. bush. >> use of we should move heaven & earth to get one man and ask pakistan. however, would not have gotten it. >> this is what he a police said. he said it is wrong for a candid it saying that we are going into your country, unilaterally. we keep our options quiet. >> while i was governor our fourth graders came out no. 1 in math & english. >> in fact students at or before were before he took office in massachusetts not as a result of its policies. >> unemployment is now lower than the general population was higher when i came into office. >> that is true for veterans but it is not true for veterans of
qaeda. he has restored our alliances. >> first of all governor romney lived overseas for several years as a missionary. he worked in international business for many years. but more equally importantly dealt with the entire world in helping rebuild the 12 olympics. he is a man who understands the larger world. >> and undecided voters from last week's town hall bed asks a question about women in the quality in the workplace. >> i'm definitely looking for to the next debate. i would like to hear what they have to say is best about how they see the position of america and the middle east changing. i'3 interestend dow >> and back at 2:00 p.m.. record-breaking gas prices continued. they're down. in san francisco the average price for regular gas is $4.51. in oakland $4.41. san of the state comes in at $4.40. prices are down nearly 20¢ since last week. >> investors will get a feel for the post of the economy from a gdp report and the federal reserve meeting. the events on tuesday is expected to produce a smaller version of the ipad. microsoft is unveiling when the state on thursday. for a pr
that god intended to have been " -- have bppen romney is supported at murdoch and his run for scented ends came out this morning and said he disagrees with richard murdoch's comment and it does not reflect his views. will this affect the senate seat that is for grabs in indiana? we will let you find out and bring you his response to that this morning. >> the maker of social media games such as farm bill says airborne to cut about 5% of their work force. 3000 people across the world work forzynga. they will renounce their third quarter earnings reports as well as losses. it was a $15 stock now down about $2 a share. >> use in the semi money boy ever offered your children go to college. when they can to graduate women earn thousands of dollars less a year per year. a new study shows that while men are in an average salary of nearly $43,000 getting out of college women aren't about $35,000. that is and $8,000 difference. why the gap? manchus majors at a more lucrative in their 10 years -- carriers such as engineering. factors like gender discrimination could play a role. also willingness to n
by the associated press has met romney erasing president obama is 16 point advantage among women voters. in return the president has nearly eliminated romney's edge among men. the study shows romney is favored by 48 percent of voters while obama is about 45%. that is still within the margin of error. the battleground state polls still have the numbers slightly in favor of president obama. we will see what happens. we will continue to follow decision 2012 and the election is november 6th. kron4 will have extended coverage on election night from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. we will have all the latest here so state-owned on air along with facebook twitter and crown for .com. >> uwe are just a few minutes away from gary radnich to be talking more giants and world series in just a few. a look outside here, it has gotten really miss the out here -- series in just a few. a look outside here, it has gotten really miss the out here -- masse thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student le
romney are e te the canada game as talking about their vision for america hoping to win the support of undecided voters. in delray beach fla. president obama said there are two clear choices in this election. >> you can choose the policies that got us into this mess or you can choose the policies we are using to get us out of this mess. >> during a stop in henderson nv mitt romney i am going to help small business grow >> today obama kicks off a two day campaign blitz across six battleground states. on day one a rally in davenport i will. call ronald california and a late night rally in nevada. romney campaign is in nevada and i will. the poll shows the canids are neck-and-neck with some key swing states favoring mitt romney others president obama. i embed pain reporting. >> donald trump's planned to make what he calls a big announcemes ty >> the time is 4:52 a.m. will take a break on the kron for morning news. first will take a break on the kron for morning news. first we go live [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower p
. all and president obama and mitt romney are going to be hitting the campaign trail they will be focusing on the swing states and the wet start for some of the bay area towns. drizzle. a full look at your forecast and george will keep us updated on the commute. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. this post season, that is it! the giants have a victory of game 1 of the 2012 world series. >> talk about magic. it was an unbelievable tonight for the giants. it goes down in the history books. game one of the world series. we will show you how they did it and it told about tonight. >> and kung fu pan but it was a huge night. we will panda-- >> and how about barry zito!? verlander... and amazing. so much for the best pitcher on the planet. we do of course want to keep you updated on the weather in traffic and perfect weather last night >> good morning, james we could see some warmer conditions at the ballpark. with temperatures in the '50s and '60s as we go towards the evening hours. right now for the morning commute the stormtracker
to the weather. reporter jim was and i was as romney tried to win over voters. >> mitt romney traveled to iowa to deliver a major speech on the economy. the speech was no change from his speech earlier this when the real change big change. chich >> a new stimulus. this makes--it will not back as the one dead four years ago. >> according to the government web site the company won't receive is more business from through the stimulus for the $1 million. romney speech came on the same day that the government announced that the economy had grown by 2% and that it beat estimates. so >> and slow the economy's slow take home ba pay. >> one of his--stated that colen powell endorsed president obama and due to his race. >> after a long campaign does almost reached it is in keeping the candace straight is almost a challenge. we will put america on a new craft and a new day with a new president. it will be president obama. pardon me mitt romney. >> among them proposition 32 is built as a way to curb special interests from donating to political candidates. >> 32 will stop special interests from buying votes
romney trading those tonight. there were some colorful exchanges tonight. >> absolutely both candidates coming out swinging. president obama and governor romney had their final captive audience before the election. they pivoted from everything from education to the economy. >> first of all i'm going to the very beginning we are cutting about 5% of the discretionary budget excludinthe good news ise happy to have you take a look. come on our web site and will have a balanced budget in eight to 10 years. >> it just doesn't work we have visited the website quite a bit. it still doesn't work. you mentioned the navy and we have your ships and we did in 1960. we also have your forces and bayonets. the nature of our military has changed. >> they did agree on several topics but one thing they did not agree on is how to move ahead in foreign policy. >> i congratulate him on taking out osama bin lawton and going after the leadership and alcott. we cannot kill our way out of this mess. >> what a few months ago asked what was the biggest threat against the u.s. you said russia not alkyne up. the 198
kerman, kron 4. >> gop credite candid that mitt romney will return to -- he was in iowa today in the pelican state has six electoral votes. in 20 08, president obama had the victory in iowa. >> mitt romney travel to the important groun b ground states which is aide important speech on the economy. however, it was no big change for his team of the week. it is the candidate for big change. >> what this requires is a change change in the last four years. it requires the put aside the small, petty and demand the scale of change we deserve. we need real change, big change. >> he also returned to his line of attack that there's no second term agenda. the with the stimulus, but three years after, that is for a government but it will not stimulate the private sector any better than it did this stimulus for years ago. >> as it turns out, the site at this construction site has been receiving stimulants money it tracks the government spending and the government received a small business loans of over $1 million. this speech was the same as the government announcing that it was going to p
. >> president of obamas camp is remaining, about the economy. republican presiden mitt romney stated that means declining take-home pay. americans are ready for change. >> a reminder that kron 4 will have extended live coverage on election night. you could also step up betted on our web site along with our facebook and twitter pay eacpage. teachikitwith >> he suffered rib and hip contusions. there were six of vehicles involved including two police officers cars. >> the mother of the children said that she came home to find her 2 year-old son and six year-old daughter staff to death and the bathtub. the nanny was found nearby and vichy turn the blade or herself. the nanny is now on police watch a local po--chich processe chichpolice watch. >> thei i ifcc youu stated that there was no winner and this is the yea i c u stated tht last armstrong will have also returned the money that he won. >> the surface has a bigger screen at 10.6 in. and it is bigger than the ipad. the screen is great and microsoft uses a lot of technology to make this. this is a thinner and less reflective display. th
the scene and a black chevrolet camaro. >> the endorsement could be coming back to haunt mitt romney. he was featured for the indiana senate which murdoch is catching heat on this controversial comments on abortion. he realizes that life is a gift from god even when life begins after a woman is raped. he continued that it is something that god intended to happen. mitt romney says that he endorses murdoch's not necessarily agree with all of his abuse. >> less than two weeks until election will have coverage until midnight. stay with us for the voting of results. >> if you have recently purchased something popular at the barnes & noble with a credit/debit perhaps a double check your bank statement. what police are calling a very sophisticated crime. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>pam: if you swiped at a barnes and noble 63 different stores across t
to about $4.33. chichethere we40 c the giants won the game 8 to 3. chi >> the survey shows that romney is favored by 40% and president obama is favored by 45 percent. what matters most--the post stated that is still to be favorepresident s still favored. >> 6:41 a.m.. these fans celebrated last night's win for the san francisco giants. chicthis is what the giants are all about and this is just phenomenal. they have so many qualities and he carried the game out and we are so, so proud. (cheers & applause) we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at jack, you said you wanted a i give you... flap jacks.m. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout
with the president obama and mitt romney. the numbers failed to to the baseball game. just over 59 million americans watched monday's final debate. this figure was 8 million below the 67 million who tune then for the first encounter on october the third. that canada's had tough competition because 8 million viewers watched the giants take on the st. louis cardinals in game 7. more than 10 1/2 million dior's were watching monday night football. >> stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow a decision 2012. if the election is november the sixth. we will have extended cover of election night. you can stay updated on kron 4 dot com. and on our tw? full cost for tristan on campus to more than 70 of thousand dollars. >> will chat with him coming up.phfft teachteachi >> you will certainly have to allow yourself a little bit of time due to the weather. today's rain is a little bit heavier than what we experienced on monday. on the southern peninsula this is indicating light rain. the heaviest rain have pushed its way to the dumbarton bridge. it is currently writing for high 101 and western san jose. as we go
however of his running ...mitt romney it comes down to which canada would be better for their families. this has some issues.... and cedar rapids i will was his next stop. >> and a lot for california voters. it has been over six years that people have been executedthis has been over six years since anybody has been executed in the california death chamber. the move is part to put that execution in california's last. this would abolish the death penalty. >> over 700 inmates are on death row in san quentin but soon there could they could now be transitioned into life without parole. this measure would give local law enforcement agencies $100 million over four years to fan investigate murders & rape. >> the fascinating thing about this is that california would do not do it enough for people to do that we are in executions state. like, florida. or texas.. >> california has only executed 13 people since 1978. pro death-penalty was strong in california at uc berkeley scientist max says that times have changed. and so have attitudes. >> there is no question that the case before the public has
of swing states. here he is in defiance ohio today. romney's campaign would not comment on its advertising strategy. richard nixon in 1972 was the last republican to carry minnesota. >> kron4 will have extended live coverage on election night, november the 6th, starting at 8:00. and you can stay updated on our website, >>> clear skies over the bay area this evening. we are going to see chilly conditions overnight into the 40s in a number of locations. tomorrow afternoon is going to be really nice with plenty of sunshine. will we're already seeing fog forming right now, and we're going to see more fog in certain areas, namely the north bay through the overnight hours. into saturday and sunday, we'll continue to see sunny skies and warmer temperatures. 70s and even 80s will be the norm as we head through the weekend. out the door tomorrow morning, chilly and fog. 40s through santa rosa and napa. liver more valley in the 40s, same thing in san jose. 50s and 60s later in the morning hours. into the afternoon, temperatures bumping up into the 70s. a big warmup for the south bay locat
in person. mitt romney as on a campaign that and swing states. this was and defiance ohio. the campaign would not specify how much advertising was purchased but it was probably substantial. richard nixon in 1972 was a last republican to carry minnesota. >> governor jerry brown returns to the area drumming up support for prop. 30. it calls for a quarter cent increase in the sales tax for four years. it raises the income tax for those earning $250,000 or more a year for seven years. here is a video of the governor meeting yesterday with business area leaders in san francisco. some of the largest employers say they recognize the need for assistance. we will have the latest for you and coverage on election night starting at 8:00 lasting all the way to midnight. you can also stay updated on our web site kron4 .com. >> we will take a quick break it. a live shot of highway 92 the san mateo bridge were traffic is flowing freely at 742 a m. we have not seen that in a while. maybe it is because it is 6 c1 >> it is a clear start to the morning. pretty chilly out there and a lot of code location st
that there was no gray hair in his earlier picture. mitt romney is and ohio. they are also in minnesota. they did not comment on the advertising strategy. and he was the last republican to carry minnesota in 1972. our coverage begins from 8:00 p.m.-midnight on election night right here on kron 4 and we are still monitoring the right it has been a difficult area. we will see how it goes today. >> taylor swift in the hollywood minett but it. >> there could be new breakup song. conner kennedy are calling it quits and her new album is called 'red'... she is known for compiling her issues on her lyrics. >> elizabeth taylor has surpassed on the forbes list of highest and come dead celebrities. $210 million. michael jackson was $145 million. most of that came from the record-breaking estate auction. jewelry, costumes, artwork. and ad --adele is the recording artist for the latest james bond movie that produced daniel greg to tears. ... >> this latest from at&t park. more changes coming to oakland and the law enforcement. what the c h p is doing and weather and traffic on the comeback when
, simply. keurig. >> it is good to be here in ohio. romney and president obama were both in ohio thursday and they were visiting -stashed their tried to secure boatsvotes. that means that even early campaigning hours. in washington-- >> a reminder that kron 4 will have the extended live coverage on the election night. if this is wiyou set updn our web site at and our twitter page. >> coming up as 6:30 p.m. and a bay area teacher is behind bars due to the police finding drugs in his car. >> we will take a another look at it will post new chrome notebook. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >> in san francisco outside of the at&t park. the giants are hanging in there with the tigers. and a lot of people are just hanging out and join the atmosphere. if people here are stating that after the giants won last night and their sixth consecutive playoff
! >> president obama will be and all lur orlando. and as off mitt romney also redevelops his path of campaigning to go to ohio. we will keep you updated on all the election events and have extended coverage of that evening. >> there is snow at heavenly ski resort it looks like a beautiful day. with yaho janu? >> we are waking up to some areas of cloud coverage on our mount tam cam. dance along the coast and sunshine expected with warm temperatures it could be another round of 80s. and mostly upper 70's but overnight close clouds could return pushing into the inland valleys, overnight. this is where they are along the bayshore by noon, plenty of sunshine and it will be building along the san mateo coast. pressing into the overnight hours. 50s through san francisco and livermore. and it is getting to about 82 degrees low mid 70's for the east bayshore west 66 degrees in half moon bay. and a mixture of mid-70s. and 78 degrees expected in napa. your full forecast coming up. changes but for now, let us go back to marty. >> we have been talking about some breaking news. we understand there's a three-
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